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Friday, 3 April 2015

Updates to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix - BlueMix Dev

Updates to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix - BlueMix Dev:

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A new version of IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix is now available for download. Here are some highlighted capabilities introduced in this update:
  • Map and unmap projects to cloud applications
    In the past, when an application was deployed outside of the Tools, you had to remove the application from the server before you could publish that same application from the Tools. The new map and unmap project feature allows you to map or unmap an Eclipse project to an existing application that is deployed outside of the Tools without redeploying the application to Bluemix. To map a project, right click on an existing application in the Servers view and select Map to Project.
    mapProjectDialog Updates to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix
  • Service creation wizard improvements
    The service creation wizard has been redesigned to:
    • Support the creation of multiple services and multiple instances of the same service in a single wizard flow.
    • Show service icons so you can easily find services.
    • Select free service plans by default. The free plans are denoted as ‘free’.
  • mutlServiceCreation2 Updates to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix
  • Dedicated Bluemix support
    The Tools now support connecting to a dedicated Bluemix. You can click on theManage Cloud button in the Bluemix server creation wizard and add the dedicated Bluemix URL to connect to a dedicated Bluemix.
    dedicatedBluemix Updates to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix
  • Password update
    You can update the password for an existing Bluemix server instance by right clicking on the server on the Servers view and selecting Update Password (previously you needed to recreate the server if the password had been changed or no master password had been set on the Eclipse secure storage).
  • Other improvements
    A number of performance and usability improvements have been introduced in this release:
    • The Tools are now more responsive during publish operations. Only changed applications are refreshed instead of refreshing all applications on the server.
    • The progress indication has been improved for long-running operations.
In addition to adding new capabilities in this update, we have also included a number of bug fixes and addressed a security vulnerability fix in this version.
If you are new to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, or you want to find out more, you can find more information below:


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