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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

CP Retires its Mainframe | Marcel Bailly | LinkedIn

CP Retires its Mainframe | Marcel Bailly | LinkedIn:

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I would like to say how proud I am of my many colleagues at Canadian Pacific as we wrap up our mainframe re-hosting project, and unplugged the mainframe after 50 years of faithful service. Many said it couldn’t be done. IBM ignored us for a long time and then realized we were serious. We migrated 75 apps to a Linux platform with Dell's Unikix, after de-scoping over 200 apps (can you say application lifecycle management?). CP tried this many times before but this time we stuck with it to the end. Special thanks to Gary Stedman who lured me out of retirement to research and design the solution, and who inspired me to keep going when I said "this is too hard - let's do something else". To Program Manager Eileen Voszler - thank you for the great debates about why a project manager can never be an architect and why an architect can never be a project manager. To Project Manager Brad Tyler – thank you for reminding me constantly of the need for specificity in schedules. I guess “I’ll do it soon” just doesn’t cut it. To my new friends at Dell, especially Matteo Minotti, Barry Tait and Santino Spagnoli, thanks for being patient with me and showing me how rehosting is done and just how easy it is. To the CP Security Team – really? You just make things harder. Just kidding. And to the CP mainframe developers over those last 50 years – what were you thinking? If I had a dollar for every time I said “they did what?”, I’d be rich. I would work with any of the project team members again in a heartbeat.


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