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Monday, 3 February 2014

Lotus Notes migration tools for Office 365 - Good riddance Lotus.

After the dullest "lotusphere" ever (from the media's point of view) I am inundated with calls to help migrate legacy systems, aka Lotus Notes, to alternatives. OK, 2 calls.

Anyhoo, I think there is gold in them thar hills. Here are (simplified) the steps.

  1. Reconfigure mail systems to co-exist by altering MX records and mail flow.
  2. Understand mail forwarding and rules.
  3. Configure directory assistance for lookups.
  4. Either archive "legacy" mail to PST files or migrate using a tool such as Quest. There are other methods of course.
  5. Celebrate by cancelling the IBM software support contract and using the money to buy champagne! 
As for databases don't be fooled by the few remaining loti soothsayers. Most are rubbish anyway and even the clever ones are not always used in anger, well, any longer. If they really are business critical and complex simply change the license to a utility license and migrate to a standalone server and forget about it. Note will run and run so no need to worry.

You can also use the MONTI tool from MS.

Do I recommend Exchange. Never! Unless MS UK gives me a job then it will be the best product ever. Pete, Jon, Darren, Chris, I am looking at you guys now! So, never say never I guess?

What about Zimbra? I have spent a lot of time and effort to make sure customers in Malaysia all moved to a Linux platform on Intel or Power systems. Zimbra is Linux based and is therefore a drop in replacement with full support for Outlook. The TCO and ROI is spectacular when considering the current cost of Domino on these systems. 

I think it is time to go and ask for a job in Zimbra (Telligent) to help move users away from the quirkiest, most unintuitive, most frustrating system ever and make users smile again. ;-)

I have read Chris's take on the "new mail" system "IBM Mail Next - The Future of email UI is here!" and it really is not how people use mail. IBM keeps telling us mail is dead blah blah blah, but working with people using Outlook and being very productive, IBM is so far removed from reality that it is a joke really. e-Mail is e-mail and it will always have a place and fulfil a vital role in the work day. IBM's visionary panacea for collaboration is a nightmare for both users and administrators, never mind execs that have to pay for all the sub standard technology that is simply old stuff with an new look with no in depth technical support, in my humble opinion of course. 

I really should buckle up and get going on a company to help you move your mail file. Perhaps its should be called www.movemymailfile.com. Wait, who owns that domain? :-) 

I shall be blogging about how to migrate away very soon.




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