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Sunday, 26 January 2014

felt, written, read, deleted, re-written. My view on Lotusphere 2014

It is easy to say the wrong thing these days. Social networking will take your message far and wide and you have no idea of the consequences until it is too late.

So far from describing my friends, just trying to earn a crust using IBM technology, as hanger-onners (waiting for IBM to possibly drop Lotus Notes), I will rather say I hope you have a great week in Orlando (and let's hope IBM gives the source code to open source?) - In response to Carl's comment. :-)

I know there are some real passionate people out there, looking at you now Mat, that truly believes in the dead Norwegian blue parrot and I know their enthusiasm is contagious.

It is a pity that IBM sees no future for Lotus Notes and I will bet some money that this year IBM will start migrating, or putting plans in place to migrate away from the unique and quirky desktop we call Lotus Notes. In my 8 years in IBM I have NEVER met an IBMer, not associated with the yellow bubble, that in any way, shape or form liked any aspect whatsoever of lotus Notes. In fact they absolutely hate it! Yes, IBMers hate Lotus Notes more than the customers that dislike it.

Nobody will ever say a bad word about Domino. It does what it says on the tin and in the right hands it can do magic. I am talking about the Lotus Notes desktop here.

So if you are at the conference wanting to know what the plans are for Domino or how to further integrate (submit, surrender, be assimilated) to Globosphere as you see some opportunity then I salute you fellow! Good for you.

If you are there to look at what is the future for the Lotus Notes desktop and growth in the product or even an elusive roadmap (ha ha ha ha ha ha) then you really need to take stock.

Wishing you all a great time reminiscing about how cool Lotus Notes used to be and how cool the yellowverse was.

Just my narrow minded view, don't mind me, I am just this guy.


  1. "So far from describing my friends, just trying to earn a crust using IBM technology, as hanger-onners, I will rather say I hope you have a great week in Orlando."

    This is a bit like saying "Rather than calling you a twat, I'll just tell you to have a nice day"

  2. well if the desktop is being killed by the tablet, phablet or smartphone it is time that IBM kills the desktop client too.

    no use in pulling a dead horse.

    if they really embrace mobile first (followed by web) then they ought to kill the client and we can continue to look at the future.

    I have worked on tremendous of applications on the client but looking back, very few may be called 'timeless' or 'still in time'.

    for developers it is not possible to keep top notch in @formula, lotusscript, java, javascript, server side javascript, html(5), css, json, xml, and name a few more. by killing the client I can stop focussing on a few technolgies les

  3. Just fighting the good fight mate, and yes, the Domino server is awesome!


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