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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Moving back to Linux

A while ago I posted that Linux has become a distraction. As I moved back to services it became clear that several documents and spreadsheets with macro's etc would not work in non Microsoft environments. Also, I spent quite a bit of time tweaking and playing. The major issue for me and all Lotus power users is no Designer support in Linux. That is a blessing in disguise though as Designer in Windows redefine the word slow and extenuate the word frustrating. Anyway, my buddy Mat Newan posted how to get Designer kind of working in Wine that was quickly followed up by my other buddy and fellow IBMer Dave Hay reminding me that Wine is against IBM security guidelines. IBM blue tape extends far and wide, believe me. However, the machine in question is a lab workstation ;-)

In fact what I have now realized is that Linux is a differentiator and in a doggy eat doggy world having unique skills is rather important so back on the band wagon I jump!

My first requirement though is my Windows 7 workstation in WMWare. I have no choice.  No Windows no go. Even in the company that openly speaks of great support for Opensource Windows is king.

My Thinkpad T400 has an Intel Due Core P8600 install so 64 bit hosts under 64 bit Ubuntu 10.10 was no issue. I used our Lifeboat process and created the final test build of Windows 7, yes we are about to enter the 21st century, and all was good. The next step was to convert my Windows 7 build to VMWare using VMWare converter. The first try did not work well at all. After some tweaking all was good and I am now running my Windows desktop in a VMWare window. The only issue so far is that the AT&T (most frustrating program ever) does not create the VPN tunnel.

On my home machine it was less fun. I am no Oppenheimer so my machines are old. I got VMWare installed and then go the dreaded your host does not support 64 bit message. Not fun at all. Here is how it got resolved.

First the realization that I have an issue. Bring on the iceberg syndrome.


Then the possible workarounds for my new found issue.


And then finally after some frustrating moments the problem is history!

Running a 64 bit host in KVM or VMWare Linux - Intel E6500 chip

A happy ending for now.

Next steps, Designer under Wine and then Domino 8.5.2.

Fun Fun Fun!



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