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Thursday, 4 November 2010

IBM i and Enterprise upgrades - Snapshot

Step 1 - Gained through bitter experience

Before touching any machine in production run a full snapshot of the machine(s) so that you have a benchmark. It is no good telling a customer about lower TCO and improved performance if you can not prove it! Customer perceptions are fickle to say the least so be ready to defend your position.

This is what you need to save away as NEW COPIES and not replica's.

Make sure encryption is set appropriately and make sure you have an id with access.

You can use various tools to change the replica id's afterward.

  • Names.nsf - Single copy needed
  • Admin4.nsf - Should only be one replica in the domain anyway
  • Events4.nsf - to see what events are being captured
  • Statrep.nsf - Different on each server unless a collection server but get all
  • Activity.nsf - If this does not exist then why not?
  • DDM.nsf - The Domino Domain Manager
  • Log.nsf - all servers
  • ini flies
You do not need to analyze the data at this stage. It is simply a backup and insurance policy if things do not go according to plan and it never does so get this right.


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