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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Reinstalling Lotus Foundations 1.2 - 26 days uptime

It has been 26 days since I last touched the Lotus Foundation server. It seem all is still OK!

Time to update and reboot and install Lotus Foundations 1.2


  1. Why shouldn't it be ok?
    If I don't do anything important on it, I never do a reboot.

  2. Sure, but my thinkpad t60P has been sitting under a pile of paper. Streamyx, our rubbish ISP, has gone down many times in 26 days, there has been 3 powercuts. So I am just surprised that it all still works.

    Also, it has taken my 26 days to get back to this task!

    However, I will add more content today that will explore much deeper than usual.

    That is a strange double negative in your comment though. So you do not do anything important on it? Or if you did do anything important you would reboot it? Just kidding! Remember that I use internal code sometimes so it is bleeding edge and I also run the NVS system so mine does barf every now and again.

  3. ... I mean on our production machine I don't do a lot of installing or administration. Checking if there is a new OS version once in a while, that's about it. We are running Start, Reach, VMWare (just for a test), Weblication and NVS. Nothing really heavy.
    On our demo machine I am running everything I can get my hands on.
    DB2 even. No problem at all. Only the MySQL admin is missing.
    I pulled the power cord once or twice on it. No problem. Have to check on the MS SQL server on the VMWare, though. That could have killed it.
    I even tested the self healing. Had a problem with VMWare and until IBM Support got back to me, it fixed itself.
    Reminds me of the AS400.
    Since I hate administration and installation more than you can dream of, LF is perfect for me.


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