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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

KL Travelogue

My first day as a inhabitant of Kuala Lumpur has been interesting. Due to a miscommunication my work visa will only be stamped on the 16th. I was planning on sorting a bank account, getting a house etc but without a visa it is not an option. Most will think this is a real set back but being a rather positive person this is simply a weeks worth of extra holiday!

My new priorities are now to do a PADI refresh tomorrow, go to the low yat centre and just chill for a while starting with a quick jet lag nap in 10 minutes.

So far KL has been great. The food is good and people very friendly. My manager is a top bloke so I look forward to next week.

hopefully this bog post will work as the only pc I have is my HTC phone and moBlog!


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