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Monday, 17 September 2007

Shady Okes - John Vlismas - Mark Banks - Riaad Moosa

Last night I had tickets to go and see a few South African comedians in London in a show called Shady Okes. As usual with SA performers it was more a case of an excuse to visit London but hey, as an expat who am I to complain. So, what I mean to say is hat it was not very well organised, at least not as well as the Casper de Vries shows.

However, it was funny with Riaad being the funniest of the three. John was a bit vulger, ok a lot, and not quite as funny but still made me chuckle. The only downside to the whole night out was this absolute sour cockney hard man standing in the front left with his arms folded looking at the SA audience with utter contempt. The audience was pissing them selfs yet he stood there emotionless. A real hard man and and I guess an argument with him will put you in hospital or get you face to face with some pigs that would like to eat you.

I can not remember many of the jokes but one that stood out was Riaans story about Muslims and body cavity security searches. He observed that "random" checks were not always that random and he spoke of "Richard", a whitey, dressing up as a Muslim. When asked why the gay Richard retorted that he was looking forward to the probes and quite enjoyed it. OK, well, it was funny when Riaan said it!

So all in all a great night out with many fellow safers in the audience.

The information SA Reunited sent through.
John Vlismas headlines the show, making a welcome return to the London stage, having previously enjoyed a series of annual, sold out one-man shows. Described by South African comics as the godfather of comedy!

Mark Banks is well-known on the theatre circuit, having performed the most successful one-man show to date in South Africa, "Ek's 'n Doos (exodus) from South Africa". A leading satirical sketch artist, Mark's mimicry and inventiveness make him the perfect sniper for hypocritical politicians, bigots and other members of the community, and he has kept audiences hooting in recognition, outrage and terror for decades

Riaad Moosa is one of the hottest tickets in South Africa today: his show "Strictly Halaal" played to in excess of 15 000 people. He is both Muslim & a fully qualified medical doctor, "funny, unpredictable and well paced, each sharp line brilliantly topping the last. South Africa is proud to have the most liberal constitution in the world. Come and see three of her biggest problem children celebrate freedom of speech in a way that will have you laughing all the way to your lawyer."


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