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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Starbucks and automotoms

Question? If a Starbucks with a manual Coffee machine is upgraded to a fully automated machine should it still be called a coffee house or should it be called a convenience store.

I am sorry but I own a La Pavoni professional coffee machine that has see daily use for close to 4 years now where I have to grind coffee, manually measure it, determine the closing pressure and then manually pull the lever and depress it in the right way to get the perfect cuppu. At ever stage there are variables such as the gind settings for the coffee and that depends and whether it is fresh and what the humidity is like. Each type of bean also requires adjusting. The amount of force you apply to the closing lever directly translates to how much pressure you have to put on the lever. To compressed and you will never get a drop out and too loose and substandard coffee without crema will stream out. It is directly proportional to the diameter of the ground coffee with all its variables discussed. I do cheat sometimes and use pre-ground Illy coffee that is superb. Hmmm, chocolaty.

So should a person that simply adds hot milk to a cup of coffee be called a Barista. Hell no.

So, as far as I am concerned Starbucks is loosing direction. My Preference in Coffee vendors is thus AMT Coffee, Costa Coffe, Independents, and then Starbucks.

Hmmm, caffeine buzz.


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