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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Call to Open Source OS/2 Software - OS2World Community


These days, with the announcement of Blue Lion, I think it is important to keep supporting open source software and recognize the benefit of this model.open source logo

For several years I had been running an ongoing campaign to open source as much as OS/2 software as can be possible. I want to request your help by contacting any former OS/2 developers and request to make their software open source so it can benefit the OS/2 user community.

Any former OS/2 developer that want to open source his software is welcome to contact me (Martin) to talk about which will be the best license that fit your needs and assist him/her on anything under my possibilities


We all know the ill-fated history of IBM's OS/2 Warp, while some others may not know about the first OS/2-OEM distribution called eComStation. Now a new company called Arca Noae, not happy with the results of this last distribution, has signed an agreement with IBM to create a new OS/2 version. They announced a new OS, codenamed "Blue Lion," at Warpstock 2015 this last October; this will be based on OS/2 Warp 4.52 and the SMP kernel. The OS/2 community has taken this news with positivism and the OS2World community is now requesting everybody that has developed for OS/2 on the past to open source their source code to collaborate.

Call to Open Source OS/2 Software - OS2World Community:

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