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Friday, 9 January 2015

Working with and looking after Lotus Notes–it’s a complex beast, but there are some benefits | TACTICS

Charlie speaking about Notes. "The Complexity Factor:

Unfortunately,  for all this connectivity and integration goodness, the incorporation of the Eclipse framework it  has definitely brought a factor fold increasing the complexity of supporting the client.   I recently experienced a laptop crash which rendered my Notes client unusable – it shut itself down as soon as I logged in.  Only through an operational understanding of the product (from prior year’s experience), and through reading up across many pages of support information, and then not inconsiderably time to recreate lost settings, was I able to restore the client to settings I use everyday.  Without those personalisation settings, I would class the product as a hindrance and not a help."

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  1. PanAgenda has an excellent Notes client health management tool. it's cheap too.
    Also: you can export the preferences in Designer, but you have to switch to a non-Domino perspective first. See: http://www.xpagedeveloper.com/2013/backup-and-restore-your-domino-designer-settings or http://www.intec.co.uk/quick-setup-restore-of-domino-designer/

    Note: besides that, also backup notes.ini, and personally I backup jvm.properties too. i prefer the jvm to run faster while using less CPU, so use my own settings for the heap, both allocation size (widely published) and method (large pages still under test)

  2. And who is Charlie (if it's a post please publish link)

  3. Hi Lars, the article is from Charlie Hope, an acquaintance that work for CSC.

    For myself, I am an ex-IBMer now working for Binary Tree migrating customers away from Notes.



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