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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Replicate the TUTU IBMConnectED 2015 database - lots of additions

Replicate the TUTU IBMConnectED 2015 database - lots of additions:

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Replicate the TUTU IBMConnectED 2015 database - lots of additions

Mat Newman  January 20 2015 14:26:15
G'Day All, 

Time to replicate the TUTU IBMConnectED Database, there have been a number of inclusions that we are sure you will want on your IBM ConnectED Agenda, including: 

  • All the Community Events on Saturday (Soccer, BALD, ESPN),
  • The Welcome Reception, Tech Oasis and ConnectED Party,
  • Gurupalooza and "Ask the Developers/Product Managers" ("Beat the Geeks"!), and
  • The Closing General Session

If you haven't replicated since we first posted the database online, you will also see the "Chalk 'n' Talk" sessions were included in an update last week. 

Pretty simple to update the database, just hit the "Sync With Server" action in the Action Bar, and we'll take care of the replication connection and settings for you. 

Figure 1: Syncing the COnnectED Database  

We're getting CLOSE now! :-)

( if you don't already have the Database, you can get it HERE

See you next week. 



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