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Monday, 26 January 2015

IBM ConnectED 2015 Live will be launched! | IdoNotes (and sleep)

Who is still buying anything from IBM? They are not even broadcasting the Lotusphere 2015 OGS. WTF?

IBM ConnectED 2015 Live will be launched!

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IBM has confirmed (so far) there is no livestream of the IBM Connect 2015 Opening General Session (OGS) so Carl Tyler and myself need to launch IBM ConnectED 2015 Live again.
IBM Connect Live

This is our seventh year of providing you our commentary on everything going on in the OGS along with live pictures as we find them. 

You can access the live commentary for 2015 right here and even on your mobile devices 

Carl Tyler and myself are backat 8am EST to live blogging opinions of the OGS at IBM ConnectED 2015 and Lotusphere.  We include live Twitter streams based on the hashtag as well as Flick and YouTube integration 

Why not join the thousands of unique visitors we get each and every year that join us for watching the Opening General Session? You may also utilize the iPhone interface here

Also make sure you visit Carl Tyler's blog and Epilio as a way to say thanks for all the work over the years on this database 

Also subscribe to InstagramFlickr and YouTube for all my pictures and videos. - See more at: http://www.idonotes.com/IdoNotes/idonotes.nsf/dx/ibm-connected-2015-live-will-be-launched.htm#sthash.EvXOWAVT.dpuf


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