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Friday, 11 April 2014

Here is the issue Notes customers face when dealing with IBM

As I still have many IBM connections I pulled a report for a bank that I nursed back into a positive outlook on Domino and worked closely with them to rebuild confidence in Domino.

How did I do that? I DID stuff! Just as with my good friend Mat, that I battled to get into big blue, I put my money where my mouth was. I did not say implement DAOS because apparently it is good, I implemented DAOS working with the teams in the trenches and when the bank exec wanted to know why the systems are now faster and the outsourcing bill for storage has dropped and not increased I told the client that DAOS is now implemented and working well.

Apart from a few good names in IBM most "loti" that are left in IBM only talk a good game. They dare not actually do stuff as they frankly, do not know how to. You know that I am talking to you now. Yes you.

Here is a point and case. Cleaned up a little of course! It is an IBM report to this customer and after this costly two week (sick) report, with expenses, they are now evaluating exchange and WILL be moving.

This report is a regurgitated report (template) that is all about  covering ass and just accuses the customer of being negligent and lazy even though the system is outsourced! It offers no solution and simply points a righteousness finger at the customer. I challenge the antipodeans that wrote this nonsense to actually go and implement this bullshit on a production system running 30,000 hard working banking folk. I have no respect for these IBMers.

Executive Summary
1.Reduce the number of folders/sub-folders housing mail files
2.Implement Automatic Inbox Maintenance
3.Implement a second Domino Administration server and configure clustering
4.Perform maintenance on the AdminP database
5.Perform regular offline Domino maintenance
6.Rectify Domino Directory sync inconsistencies across all servers
7.Clean up notes.ini files
8.Clean up connection documents
9.Verify all clusters and rectify missing/obsolete replicas
10.Disable all non required ports
11.Disable all non-required Domino server tasks and remove duplicate server tasks
12.Distribute users/mail files evenly across all mail servers and clusters
13.Move/remove all mail files from the Domino Data root directory
14.Reduce the size of excessively large mail-in databases
15.Reduce the number of Configuration Documents by implementing 'like for like' servers using server groups
16.Reduce "all" user’s mail file access to Editor
17.Set 'Default' and 'Anonymous' in all NSF and NTF ACLs to 'No Access'
18.Change server group documents from Multi-purpose to Servers Only
19.Remove Proofpoint mail-in database from xxxx
20.Rectify Database Catalog
21.Rectify Monitoring Results database
22.Rectify DomLog.nsf
Additional Recommendations and Findings
Appendix 1 - Inbox Maintenance
Appendix 2 - Domino Clustering

After reading and cleaning this index my blood is boiling! WTF! how would any of this make the slightest difference! Pathetic!!! If I published the content you, the reader, will cry. If you think the content is more helpful you are very wrong.

I will now publish what should be done in the next few post!



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