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Friday, 18 April 2014

A life lesson - It is not what someone says but what they don't say

Humans are complicated animals. To paraphrase Bill Bryson: You are a miracle, the fact that your atoms are still clinging together in a sack of mostly water is amazing by itself, the fact that atoms from two separate sacks of waters came together in unison is extraordinary, the notion of a ball of rock in space with all the right ingredients for sacks of water has astronomical odds, you my friend are a miracle.  And that is why we are complex beings.

Mat posted a innocuous post on FB yesterday waving goodbye to Brian Cheng that is returning back to US. That is what was said.

What was not said is that Brian took over from JM. Brian was in Singapore to revitalise the sagging Lotus ecosystem. All the Loti in the region worked hard on this. We got Mat in. Mat has turned and also pulled in some new customers. Mat is not alone in flying the yellow flag but the Loti in the region can be counted on one hand.

I do not wish to belittle my ex colleagues but they have an uphill struggle ahead and without (USA) exec air cover.

The strange things is that outside of IBM Lotus Notes does what is says on the tin and as long as you do not have a MS "IT Manager / Director" in place all is well and Notes still provides a platform to run your entire business on.

I really feel for my ex colleagues.





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