Lotus what? Nah mate, the world has moved on.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I am still around. There is really nothing to report in Lotus land apart from shrinkage. Perhaps the ice caps have melted and the sea is rising but whatever has happened the estate is rapidly shrinking. Some will disagree and rightly so as pockets of resistance is still active. If you are a fan of Firefly then know is probably the time to look for an old junker to move freight around the planet. I think command central has disavowed the yellow bleeders. My opinion only.

That said, the platform is still awesome. I can still setup a working highly secure hugely scale able collaboration system second to none on virtually any platform.

If I had to start a resistance movement I would use Lotus Domino for sure. Viva revolution.

Perhaps I should start a YouTube series to show all just how amazing this product is. It will be difficult for me not to get cynical though but not because of the product or the developers or the support staff or the BP's but rather by the utter contempt the leadership has for the product of the decade.

It is a crying shame but nevertheless, I am now considering starting an advanced video series.

Hmmmm, he says pondering away.


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