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Sunday, 21 November 2010

On-Site Rules for Outstanding Consultants - Alan Weiss

Sometimes we need reminding of the following to ensure customers are satisfied. It is not always easy as we do not live in a perfect world. When you are on a technical engagement it is even more difficult to summarize at the end of the day especially when things did not go according to plan. You try and diagnose why STLinks do not work in a network with multiple proxies, firewalls and packet shapers on the internal network and then summarize for the client. However, if you do not do what Alan says your hard work may just turn to dust right in front of your eyes.

From Alan's Blog:
When you’re with a client, before you depart, try to:

• Summarize progress and current status.

• Have client agree with positive results to date.

• Commit to his or her accountabilities in near-term.

• Agree on time and date for next discussion between you.

• Secure follow-up on any internal issues that need action/correction.

• Acquire referrals (if you’re more than half-way through the project).

• Provide value about non-project and peripheral issues.

• Personally see all key stakeholders who are present.

• Find out if anyone is waiting for anything from you.

• Seek feedback on any new initiatives you’re considering (e.g., new product or teleconference).

• Thank any assistants or secretaries who have been of help.

• Observe the environment for any changes.

• Raise status on any overdue fee or expense reimbursement payments.

• Learn of any key changes in the company’s condition (e.g., earnings, attrition, technology, etc.).

• Be seen by as many people as possible, including potential buyers.


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