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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Reinstalling Lotus Foundations 1.2 - Frustration city

Many hours have been wasted. There has been changes to the core and unetbootin no longer worked properly. Yes the image was written and kinda booted but barfed.

I did not have a spare blank CD with me so I had to wait till I got home. Anyway, I used K3b to write a DVD and boot the new system.

One of the things that Ozzie always mentioned was that Foundations was like a virus and installed itself every where. How true. Even though I booted from a DVD it always booted the installed system no matter what I tried. There is only one option left and that is to DISK-ZOT the system. For completeness I have added the unetbootin video but untill I find out what happened it is not reliable. Arghhhhh.


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