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Friday, 24 August 2007

Interested in Lotus Connections? Of course you are!

IBM has released Lotus Connections. The social software is ready for business. Why not embrace social networking and social software. It is easy to use as part of your daily routines to communicate and easily network with colleagues and customers. You can share ideas, locate experts, and most importantly respond to new business challenges in an innovative way.

IBM has assisted many customers in depolying Lotus Connections and IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL) team has shared some of the experiences of how to deploy the different components of Lotus Connections (Activities, Blogs, Communities, Dogear, and Profiles).

A new six-part article series called Deploying IBM Lotus Connections has been started and the first three articles have been published on IBM DeveloperWorks.

Part 1 - Planning and architecture considerations focuses on what to consider to ensure that your deployment is built properly.

Part 2 - Post-installation tuning covers the common steps to follow after installing Lotus Connections and provides tips to ensure that your deployment is performing optimally.

Part 3 - Maintenance covers system maintenance, backup/recovery strategies, and tips for protecting your environment from unexpected data loss or corruption.

Look for future installments to be published in the next few weeks on developerWorks that cover topics such as troubleshooting, integration, and customization.

This is an extract from a memo from John C.P. AllessioVice President, Software Services


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