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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Today is significant

As from Monday I am part of the IBM Technical Channel Sales Team and my roles is Channel Technical Sales Pre-Sales Consultant. For me this is a significant step in my career and is a position I have always admired and always aspired to. Although Monday will not be an a roller coaster of a day at least I will know its important and as I am a typical human being that also thrives on appreciation so I thought I would post this thought for all to read. :-)

My current role is in the IBM Field Support Services team looking after IBM Premium Services customers. There has been some very significant engagements and I am happy to say no real disasters.

One of the highlights was a call out to Iceland. One of the roles the FSS team is Emergency Onsite Support for the UK and Northern Europe. IBM endevours to get a suitable support person in front of a Severity 1 Problem Managed Report (PMR) within 24 Hours. Usually this is far less and really depends on how fast the FSS team can react.

One Friday afternoon at 16:45 I heard the first rumblings of a Sev1 going ballistic. At 16:55 I was asked if I was available for an immediate Onsite and whether I was packed and had my passport ready. That was the clue!

At 17:05 I was told to get on a plane to Iceland as soon as possible. At 20:15 I was on board a flight destined for Reykjavík. I was hardly in the Hotel when I received the call to meet my host at Iceland Telecom about half a mile down the road. Being Me I insisted on walking down as I need the exercise. Unfortunately it was -15 and I walked in the wrong direction! Well, I eventually got to the offices, frozen, and by 09:00 this problem was identified and the solution in progress. My hosts treated me t0 a stunning meal in Iceland and by 19:00 all systems were up and running and Iceland Telecom had service again.

My hosts then treated me to another stunning meal, food is good in Iceland, and then a very pleasant but extremely expensive drink. The night was young and I decided to visit some of the local establishments. It was cold but not snowing or unpleasant. My flight back was for 08:15 so I thought if I made my way back at around 03:00 I would have plenty of time. After a wonderful night with some very interesting Icelanders I decided to go back. Well, shock and horror. There was half a meter of snow outside and it was coming down at a rate of knots. Apparently this was "out of season" snow and just like in the UK everything stopped.

Unfortunately there are no trains in Iceland and everybody use Taxi's. However, Taxi's drivers thought a warm bed was nicer than having to put up with rowdy Icelanders and just went home! The queue for a taxi was enormous and everybody huddled for warmth. It was quite fun and although I was not dressed for a blizzard I did have some protection on. By 07:45 I was fed up and not even in the front yet. I was cold and miserable. Fortunately I had a Business Class ticket, highly frowned upon, but I was able to change to fly out on the Monday.

Now for the best part of this story! Because I had an extra day I decided to go to the Blue Lagoon. This amazing place was even more spectacular because it was -17 and snowing while the water temperature was like the best hot bath temperature you could wish for. Hmmmmm. Anyway, this girl kept swimming/waddling past me with her kids and somehow my brain told me that I am suppose to know this person. As she came past my mouth blurted out, without permission from my brain of course, hello Bjorn. I got the old evils and just carried on wondering what I did wrong. Later in the restaurant after seeing "Bjorn" again and still getting the evils I called my daughter and after laughing her head off corrected me and suggested the girl is probably called Bjork! Doh! Doh!

Anyway, Iceland was spectacular and very cold. Recently I have just come back from Qatar where it was unbelievable hot, oven door left open type of hot, and extremely humid. So much so that you could not see a single star through the humidity. Very nice people though and hope to go back to Dohaa soon.

Hopefully my new job will also have some interesting travel. I will be in Dublin on Tuesday and Wednesday so it is a good start. I will keep my WAYN profile updated.

Fun fun fun!


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