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Monday, 7 May 2007

What is this about then?

OK, I have my own blog and at one stage it was very popular. However, blogs are double edged swords. The good part is you can write anything you want the bad part is anybody can read it! Think about it. You air your views about your job, good or bad, and your boss reads it. Now you did not tell your boss about your blog, he found it. Hmm, that really puts a damper on what you say. This is all hypothetical though just in case you read my blog, bossman.

OK, so if you are a mensa member setonmbi would have meaning to you and tell you where I work. I am at the coal face of my favourite product. Again a product that splits me in two. I am an aficionado but I also recognise that it is (can be) pants.

I am not going to rant about issues but share some valuable knowledge with you. My experiences trying to get the "domino's" to go my way. :-)

OK here goes...


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